Mizuki Suzushiro
Mizuki Suzushiro
Vital statistics
Position First Year Student (Class 2) - Taiju High
Age 14
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Height 154 cm
Weight 47 kg

Our main character, a male high school student who often gets mistaken for a girl and is also turned into a girl by none other than the norse trickster god, Loki.

Mizuki has a childhood friend named Ichimonji Takeru who looks much more masculine than Mizuki, and a friend named Yumeko Fujiwara who Mizuki happens to have a crush on. But when Mizuki turns into a girl, then her dreams get 'crushed.'

Afterwards she finds out that Fujiwara is actually in love with Mizuki's friend, Takeru, which disappoints Mizuki. However, Takeru doesn't like Fujiwara back. Instead, when Mizuki turns into a girl, with some time, he finds himself in love with Mizuki! This is where the love triangle between the three of them are created. This love triangle is a little strange, however; given that Takeru has decided he will try to help Mizuki and Fujiwara get together despite the fact he likes Mizuki; but Mizuki decided she will try to help Takeru and Fujiwara get together instead. Nevertheless, not a single one of their loves go away.

At first, when Mizuki finds out she has become a girl, she screams it out loud that her willy is gone and Takeru bursts in. From there, Ichimonji helps Mizuki keep his secret from his friends, classmates, and a random side character who likes Mizuki: a crazy boy who once confessed to Mizuki when Mizuki was still a boy (who Mizuki immediately turned down, telling him "I'm a boy!").

However, at one point, the secret is leaked out to Takeru's sister (Mei), Fujiwara, Mizuki's family, and Nanatarou Yamada, who is a transfer student that becomes Mizuki's roommate at the boys dorm later in the manga, and who incidentally has long hair like a girl's and is a fashion designer (lingerie), therefore wears his own creations, even bras.

Loki tries to leak out Mizuki's secret when she comes to Earth, but while so, she also plays other kinds of tricks on her, too.


Mizuki has minor claustrophobia due to childhood trauma (being locked in a small pit-black room about a week as punishment for wearing a women kimono)

Due to being rasied in a dojo, Mizuki is a expert in hand to hand combat and martial arts, more specifically Aikido.

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